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Hay Grazer
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Hay Grazer


HayGrazer Horse Hay Feeder Bag in Navy 

A HayGrazer Horse Hay Slow Feeder Bag. The HayGrazer is made from hard wearing material and designed for outdoor or indoor use to minimise hay wastage and to promote healthy eating with less hay wastage. Available in Navy or Purple / Pink.

The HayGrazer Horse Hay Slow Feeder Bag's features are as follows:

  • Ideal for Slow Feeding - The top completely shuts so horses cannot get the hay out of the top.
  • No more filling hay nets, as the bag holds about 7kg of hay.
  • Easy to fill, hang and carry now with removable poles so machine washable and two clips with removable straps for easier hanging in lorries. Small holes for slow feed and the top completely shuts.
  • There is a mesh bottom so the bag can be used to soak hay.
  • Easy to carry and hang ideal for trailers, lorries, stables and out in the field. 
  • The mesh bottom allows dust to fall through whilst keeping the hay intact. It is easy to carry and can be hung almost anywhere, professional looking without leaving hay trails or getting covered in hay.
  • The HayGrazer has no netting making it safer and stronger - The webbing holds its shape, doesn't tangle or cut like nets. Also by having no knots is kinder on your horses upper and lower lips. The webbing is hard to pull away and is stronger than standard netted haynets therefore giving it a lot longer lifespan.
  • Saves You Time - The HayGrazer's are so easy to fill and carry.
  • It also REDUCES your horse coughing when they get to the last bit of hay as they wont be breathing in the dust left at the bottom.
  • Ideal for Horses on restrictive diets.